Teaching is my passion, freelance is my lifestyle.

PhD in German Linguistics and language enthusiast

Teaching: I am a private German tutor with a doctorate in German Linguistics who can boost fluency, enlarge vocabulary, and deepen grammatical knowledge effectively. Thanks to my vast knowledge and broad experience, I am able to facilitate understanding with apt explanations, examples, pictures, gestures and pantomimes. My wide range of cards, games, dice, pictures, sheets and books is a creative means to make the lessons as resourceful and entertaining as possible.

Freelancing: Working on my own since 2012 lets me teach the way I love. I can offer private German classes and tailor them by addressing the specific linguistic needs of every student individually. I identify with my school and ensure tailor-made lessons of high quality, since providing excellent lessons to satisfied, progressing students with great expectations must be my primary goal.

Guiding principles: As a highly qualified German instructor with the aim to make my students feel comfortable with the German language and use it with increasing confidence and skill, I prefer to correct level-appropriately to pointing out every mistake because relentless correction can kill motivation. I believe in focussing in a few key elements at a time, in varied repetition, praise, encouragement and emphasizing what is good.