Fabienne Seraphine Müller, born 1980 in Zurich to be a teacher. I have been enthusiastic about language ever since I can remember; in love with words and letters, spellbound with meaning and expression. At 14 years of age I began to explain schoolwork and to give private lessons. I went on to study German Linguistics at university, received a PhD in the subject and complemented the passion for language with well-grounded knowledge. I have been teaching German as a foreign language since 2009, started freelancing in 2012 and still enjoy passing on the charm German has to me.

I keep learning new languages, on one hand because languages fascinate me, and on the other, deliberately, to remain a student. This way I can put myself in my students’ position and receive useful stimulation for my own teaching at the same time. Currently I am novice to modern Greek and engage in language exchanges in French and Spanish.